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The research work in the field of historical sciences requires an extensive effort in time and man power, especially, for the retrieval of data within historical sources which is often done multiple times according to various investigations. Therefore, there is a tendency to utilize computer technology even in the rather traditional field of history. The development and prototyping implementation of the conceptual idea of a historical information system about Mecklenburg and (Vor)pommern shows the potentials of computer technology for the management and presentation of various information of the field of history.

The conceptual idea is based on the close connection between the Department of Historical Sciences at the University of Rostock and the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Rostock.

The implemented conceptual idea provides an approach for the integration of several subjects (see below: content) and of different types of information (text, maps, spatially related information, three-dimensional modelling data) within one complex information system.


The subjects

are available in different states of completeness. Especially within the topics "Mecklenburg and (Vor)pommern in the View of Cartography" and "Rostock in Former Times and Nowadays" only single examples have been implemented by now to illustrate the principles.


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